MyLipAddiction beauty Podcast: Christmassy Chit chat with Daniel the Jewellery Elf!

It’s been a few weeks since our last podcast – it’s such a hectic time of the year however we handled to snag Daniel the jewellery elf for a chit chat!

For those who do not understand Daniel, he is the designer as well as creator behind earth Elements.  We talked a bit about his innovative process which includes middle of the night jewellery making frenzies.

…and likewise about his Tic Tac addiction. I question exactly how many Tic Tacs Daniel can in shape into his mouth at a time…

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Things we talked about:

Climate modification is no joke:

YSL Mon Paris notes:
Strawberry, raspberry, Indonesian patchouli leaf, peony, pear, white musk, jasmine…

Read Cat’s description here.

And right here they are hamming it up at the Mon Paris event:

This is likewise the scene of the criminal offense – exactly how feline got a zit!  You can likewise see the hand jewellery that Daniel is sporting – extremely unique.

Holiday time at the shopping center – look at the Eaton center Christmas tree:

Shiseido men’s line:

So fascinating to hear exactly how they test men’s skincare products… on the elbow?!!

This is what Daniel visualized as my makeup warehouse!

Ikke helt! Hope you enjoyed the episode! inspect out Cat’s publish with more of Daniel’s styles as well as creations!

PS. I just noticed that WordPress messed around with visitor so the posts are shortened as well as instead of a function image, they smooshed thumbnail pictures together. Jeg kan ikke lide!

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