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“Late Arrival: A Tabs the feline Adventure”

© Copyright 2021.

To be blunt, Tabs was dog tired. His fur was uncharacteristically dull, his eyes somewhat less glistening than usual, as well as the gravy on the flight was — less than inspired. Tabs organized to checked out his assistant the riot act for not arranging a much better in-flight meal.

A bellman held the door open as Tabs strolled with into the lavish hotel lobby. Tabs quietly noted that the bellman’s gown shirt was wrinkled as well as partially untucked. Hrmpf, he thought.


Without slowing, Tabs scanned the lobby as he went into the center of the big space as well as made eye get in touch with with the one front desk partner behind the desk. Tabs diverted on an intercept course.

“Hello, Mr. Tabs!” the guy called enthusiastically. Tabs believed he saw the man’s eye twitch. “We weren’t expecting you, uh, to show up so late.”

Tabs was instantly suspicious. His flight from Milan was delayed, so he didn’t land in San Francisco up until almost midnight. By the time the limo dropped him off at the Fairmont Sonoma objective Inn & Spa, it was 1:30.


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“Yes, uh, sir,” the guy at the front desk continued. Tabs narrowed his gaze. “I…we…it’s just that…we believed you weren’t going to make it tonight, so we, uh…”

Tabs felt his pulse quicken, as well as his whiskers tensed. Oh, don’t you even, he thought. A single word escaped from his lips. “Meow,” he said, letting the seriousness of his tone linger in the big empty room.

The front desk guy visibly cowered. “Yes, sir, I understand, sir. right away, sir, we will figure this out.”

The guy chosen up a telephone handset from the desk in front of him as well as emphatically pressed some buttons. “Yes, this is Michel at the front desk. Please prepared the Chartreux Suite immediately. Mr. Tabs has arrived.”

There was a pause as the front desk guy listened to somebody on the other end of the line.

“I don’t care what you have to do,” the guy turned his head to the side as well as forcefully whispered, “get the space prepared now!”

Tabs sighed. His assistant, a lady with long black hair as well as black-framed glasses, stood behind him with a bellman’s cart, upon which sat a set of six big Luis Vuitton luggage bags. The lady looked down at Tabs, who satisfied her eyes, as well as returned a look that said, “What!? Ikke min skyld. Don’t look at me like that.”

Tabs looked away as well as growled under his breath. great assist is so difficult to find.

“Hr?” the guy at the front desk interrupted, calling toward Tabs. Tabs directed his interest toward the man. “Yes, your space is prepared now, sir. I apologize in behalf of the Fairmont household of hotels. I’m not sure exactly how this happened. It was a tragic error on someone’s part, however I guarantee you…it wasn’t mine. Jeg ville aldrig…”

Tabs groaned, uninterested in the man’s excuses, as well as looked away.

“Here are your space keys,” the front desk guy stated as well as gestured toward a bank of elevators. Tabs’s assistant stepped ahead as well as took the envelope containing the keys. “I’m sure you’ll discover the space to your liking,” the front desk guy said, smiling nervously.

“He better,” Tabs’s assistant said, echoing Tabs’s thoughts, as the two of them headed away toward the elevators. “He better.”


– Enden –

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