Product Spotlight: You’ll Be Drawn to Maybelline color Strike Cream-to-Powder shadow Pens If You like One-And-Done Eye makeup

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The part of a pen accountable for the click-click-clickity noise is called “a thrust device.” ?️

Selv tak! ?

There’s no thrust gadget in these new $7 Maybelline color Strike Cream-to-Shadow Pens, as well as aside from their cylindrical packaging, they aren’t extremely much like pens at all… When you twist them open, there’s a sponge tip inside, which is basically a relatively traditional preloaded eyeshadow applicator. In fact, there isn’t a felt tip or a ball-point pen applicator or a thrust gadget anywhere in sight.


Semantics, schemantics.

These cream shadows are excellent for a single, purposefully untidy sweep of color on the lids since they’re only moderately pigmented, so they’re perfect for laundries of quick, simple color.

The formula is on the thinner side, however I wouldn’t phone call it watery. It’s almost like somebody melted a MAC paint Pot as well as thinned it out a bit. It’s slick as well as slippery when it moves across your skin, as well as it takes a long time to set, so you have a great 10-15 minutes to blend.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

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I would caution against utilizing as well many “pens” (“air quotes”) on your eyes in one sitting, though, since there seems to be a tipping point after which as well much shadow results in the colors mushing into a muddy mess.

I likewise discover the applicator a difficulty to utilize and, even with the directed sponge tip, the shadow always ends up a bit bit off…which makes these difficult to utilize for layered looks with several placements.

That said, the cost is right, though ($7 MSRP). They’re less than $10 each! as well as the wear time is fabulous. They last all the time long on my dry lids with barely a hint of creasing, as well as that’s without utilizing any type of primer with them.

If you’re a fan of one-and-done eye makeup, I believe they’re great. just keep in mind to stay with single shadow looks, OK?

I would suggest starting with Flare, the matte cool-toned taupe. It’s the one I wear the most, as well as it’s a neutral daily shadow color a great deal like MAC Groundwork paint Pot however more gray.

You can discover all 10 shades of Maybelline color Strike Cream-to-Powder shadow Pen at Ulta for $8.99 a pop.

full speed ahead to the holidays

There are two kinds of people (not really, however hear me out) — those who go full speed ahead in early November as well as put up their Christmas designs right after Halloween, as well as those who wait to embellish up until after Thanksgiving. before 2020, I fell into the latter camp since I didn’t want to rush with Thanksgiving. It’s such a lovely holiday in its own right as well as a wonderful bridge between Halloween as well as Christmas…but 2020 has been different, as well as I kinda requirement to feel the holiday spirit like right NOW, so I’m skipping my usual wait time as well as starting early.

This is the only time of year I desire I had a fireplace, since I’d like having the area to decorate! Our home has the remnants of a former fireplace, however it was covered over years ago. A previous owner eliminated it for reasons unknown, as well as now it’s hidden somewhere behind a wall…

If we had one, I’d do this to it…


For the past few years I’ve been into embellishing traditional Christmas colors (red, green, gold as well as silver), however this year I requirement all the colors!

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