Stash Dash: Oct 23 – 29

how is it the end of October already!?! and tomorrow is Halloween! Here’s what’s went down on the blog last week:

Project Pan: Lancôme Khol in love eye liner in chocolate Affair

I also compare a whole bunch of brown eye liners.

Nordstrom Toronto appeal department – first Impressions and Haul

It’s the start of a stunning (dangerous) thing!

Favourites Lately: Late 2016

Instead of monthly favourites, I gather up my appeal favourites for 3 months and gush over them. This is the third installment of my quarterly favourites for 2016.

Maison Jacynthe makeup Launch

Testing out new makeup from a Canadian natural appeal brand – just look in any way those pretty eye shadow colours. appeal Podcast: I nearly Peed My Pants!

My first episode on Cat’s MLB appeal Podcast functioning as co-host – we share some freaky ghost stories. I’m such a scaredy cat…


• We went to second City last night to see their newest show “Come What Mayhem“. My cheeks still hurt from laughing. We used to attend second City shows frequently – I don’t know why we stopped.  As part of the tradition, we always eat dinner at Gretzky’s beforehand (Wayne Gretzky’s bar) – their perogies are amazing!

• As part of the MUJI Canada opening of their newest location at Yorkdale shopping Centre, they gave out these outstanding individualized tote bags to some bloggers / YouTubers:

And it was filled with these goodies!

At first, I thought that bag of cotton candy was a pack of their facial cotton! I’ve sampled nearly everything already – the strawberry marshmallows with jelly inside are my favourite!
The funny thing is that while the SA went to fetch the tote bag from the office, I’d already gone to the checkout and gotten nearly all of the items included in the bag. So guess what, I’ll be including some extra goodies in my MUJI skincare giveaway!  …which leads me to:

• have you entered the MUJI Skincare giveaway yet? It ends tonight at midnight! I’ll be posting the winner tomorrow at 7pm (EST).

So, are you all ready for Halloween?

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PP12: Lancôme Khol in love eye liner in chocolate AffairIf you listened to the most recent MyLipAddition podcast, you would have heard me ranting about doing project Pan! 😛 I remain committed to this cause, but I have to admit, wearing the same makeup day in, day out, is really challenging when you have so lots of other options staring…
October 24, 2016In “Beauty”

My blogging HighlightsI’ve been procrastinating on finishing off this entry considering that it will be my closure post.  But, enough delay – it has to be done. This is going to be a rather self-indulgent post… initially I wasn’t planning on doing a post like this to conclude the blog, but your comments…
March 12, 2018In “Beauty”

Favourites Lately: Late 2016This year I made a decision to do quarterly favourites so I’ve had lists for early 2016 (covering January to March) and mid-year (covering April to June), and now I’m showing my third quarterly favourites to cover July to September: It’s mostly summer time products but a little bit of autumn is creeping in……
26. oktober 2016in “skønhed”