Unsung makeup Heroes: The Clinique Chubby Stick shadow Tints

The Clinique Chubby Stick shadow Tints ($17 each)
De langvarige usunne Heroes-serie her på Makeup og Charm Blog har nogle af vores all-time foretrukne permanente samlingsprodukter.

My cat… He’s kind of a chubby cat, but he prefers that we call him “husky” or “big-boned.” He is the boss, so I gotta do what I gotta do, but I won’t be calling the Clinique Chubby Stick shadow Tints for Eyes the “Big-Boned Stick shadow Tints,” because that would be weird.

I freaking lurve these things! They’ve been part of the Clinique permanent line for a while, and I love ’em so much that I’ve amassed a small army. I use them all the time.


True to form, these are tints, and they’re sheerer than a lot of the shadow sticks out there, like the MAC pro Longwears and the Bobbi brown and Laura Mercier sticks. They deposit a good amount of color, but they rapidly sheer down when you blend them out.

I know that some people aren’t going to be into that, but if you’re a 10-minute-makeup gal (or dude) who just wants a little somethin’-somethin’, but you’re not about to spend hella years blending in your outer V, these are terrific for that. They’re wonderful for easy, colorful eye looks.

There’s a mess of neutrals in the line that I wear all the time, like Bountiful Beige, Ample Amber, lots O’ Latte (which is a gorgeous, beautiful taupe) and warm brown Fuller Fudge, which I just wore the other day. and we’ll throw Curvaceous Coal in with the neutrals, too, because it’s a shimmery gray.


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If you love BBNs (browns, beige and nudes) like I do, these are outstanding everyday colors.

Swatches from the top in 01 Bountiful Beige, 04 Ample Amber, 03 lots O’ Latte, 03 Fuller Fudge and 08 Curvaceous Cora
There are also some fantastic other colors. among the greens, I like Mighty Moss and Whopping Willow. In the blues, there’s big Blue and enormous Midnight. and oh! — the purples and pinks? You gotta give ’em a try.

All of the shades are pigmented, but they aren’t so pigmented that they take forever and a day to blend. They always seem to look elegant, refined and natural.

Well…as natural as a green or blue eyeshadow ever looks.

From the top: 05 Whopping Willow, 06 Mighty Moss, 10 big Blue, 12 enormous Midnight, 09 luxurious Lilac, 11 Portly Plum and 07 Pink & Pretty

I imply really, when was the last time you did a green eyeshadow look in less than five minutes? You can do it with these, though. That’s a big plus when you’re living that #timecrunchedlife.

Mighty Moss on my lids
When I wear the Chubby Stick Eye Tints, I’m typically all about saving time, so I don’t use them with primer, yet they still last on my lids all day long with zero (to very little) creasing.

I have also worn them on top of NARS Pro-Prime at different times, and it makes the wear time even better.

Oh! practically forgot, but they also work well for layering! You can wear them with powder shadow on top, or put them on top of powder shadows.


I hope you give them a try if you haven’t already. If you’re a busy makeup lover, they’re a marvelous find.

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