My three Year Blogiversary! (+ Announcement)

My blog turns three today!

Thank you to all of you for interacting with me on the internet – I’ve took pleasure in getting to understand you much better as well as commonly having a laugh or two in the comments section.

This past year saw some articles that I’m rather pleased of, as well as the comments from you have been phenomenal.  Some highlights of my a lot of prominent articles from 2017:

Megapost: custom-made combination Systems

Hourglass Ambient illumination Powder Dupes?

BHA Exfoliants: CosRX vs Paula’s Choice

Affordable drugstore nude Palettes

MUJI cut Cotton White – Shiseido Facial Cotton DUPE

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye shadow Singles

Beauty product examining Guide: technique as well as Terminology

As I look back at my goals from last year, I did accomplish the majority of them including:
• organize header / menu: I lastly did it! I kick myself for not doing it sooner, it’s truly not difficult.
• Do a lot of Megaposts: I handled to do only ONE (see the custom-made palettes publish above).
• go to a appeal Event: I did end up going to a few appeal events as well as satisfying other regional appeal bloggers!
• continue to broaden topics: I’d state I stayed the program on this – I publish what I want including travel as well as fashion, as well as you’ve seen my off topic banter associated to the appeal Podcast with Cat.
The only one I didn’t do was work the Pinterest, I still don’t get Pinterest in spite of my finest efforts.


I’ve made the decision to wind down my blog. I comprehend if this may come as a surprise to you. It was something I wrestled with for the latter half of 2017. I took a couple of blog breaks as well as came back each time to provide it one more shot however I never rekindled that drive to continue.  I still plan to preserve an on the internet presence, just not update this blog.  There isn’t one single reason as to why I want to stop blogging. To quote one of my much-loved shows, The Wire: “It just ain’t in me no more.”  This decision feels ideal for me now, however who knows, it may not be forever. I’ve experience many blog writers who phone call it quits however end up coming back since they miss it.

I’m making this statement now so the blog will come to a natural conclusion. rather than having an abrupt end, I still have a few blog entrances that I will publish in the coming weeks including a summary of my trash stock for 2017, a Hauluary haul or two, as well as one last giveaway! Bliv hængende.

Again, say thanks to you!

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