Saturday Surfing, April 21st, 2018

Saturday is Caturday, after all.
I was really hoping to serve some face this morning and show the world a girl who made the effort to get up 30 minutes earlier than usual (for a Saturday) to finish her run before 9…but that girl’s cat figured out how to open the front door this week…

“Bye, Felicia!”
I have no idea how he’s doing it because — bless his heart — Tabs is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. but somehow he’s opening a closed door!


I dunno… maybe he’s been saving up all of his kitty brain power for this one historic moment in time. hvem ved?

If only I were able harness that same kind of laser-like focus in my life, haha! GO, TABS.

Nevertheless, I still got up early because I’ve been thinking about a concept I saw in a TED Talk recently. Basically, it was about getting out of your own way (linked it down below), and it touched on a concept in chemistry called activation energy, which is the minimum quantity of energy that something must possess in order to undergo a specified reaction.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

Anyway, listen to the talk. It’s great, but quick summary: if you want to accomplish something, like if you want to get in shape or change careers, first, you have to take that initial step to create a spark of energy and get the ball rolling.

Whatever it is, it’s not going to just accomplish itself.

Darn. because it would be easier for me to lie in bed and look at kitten pictures on Instagram for 45 minutes, which is what I usually do on Saturday mornings, but today I actually got up when the alarm went off.

Maybe Tabs listened to that Ted Talk, too! He was all about the activation energy, LOL!

Speaking of that, one of these stories down below might spark something in you…

This is how many professional makeup artists wash the hundreds of brushes they use. It’s probably exactly what you’d think… I mean, it’s brush washing, not rocket science. but I thought it was interesting how so many artists prefer to use solid cleansers for synthetic bristles and liquids for natural bristles. I had no idea! and I didn’t know that so many makeup artists prefer Mrs. Meyer’s clean Day dish Soap. Der kan man bare se?

Points to this bride for thinking outside the beauty box. instead of hiring a makeup artist for her wedding in Italy, Laurie Huff, a real estate broker from Jackson, Wyoming, flew out an L.A.-based aesthetician who brought 70 skin care products with her and a bag of “facial tools” so Laurie could walk down the aisle without a stitch of makeup.

Instead of foundation, there were daily facials, oxygen treatments, collagen, placenta, and antioxidants serums and masks.

I see a couple of my go-tos on this list of 13 drugstore beauty products that makeup artists swear by.

Expect to see a new makeup line from shoe savant Jimmy Choo in the next few years.

I wonder if the pieces will be so expensive that I’ll have to take out a second mortgage.

FYR. HELT SERIØST. Don’t ever buy knockoff makeup, ever. I’m sure you already know this, but just in case you need a reminder, a whole bunch of fake makeup was just seized in L.A., and it had animal poop in it.

In Brazil, blind women are learning the art of makeup application to boost their self-esteem.

As if I needed another reason to lurk at Target, they’re getting a whole slew of new makeup brands for ladies and gents with darker skin tones pretty soon!

Ever wonder what makes gel manis or chrome nails look and work the way they do? My favorite read of the week is this piece on the chemistry behind gel manicures, chrome nails and the latest nail art trends. Polymer snippets and free radical reactions are music ? to my ears.

I wanna try this indie nail polish line because of the cute bottles. Is that so wrong?

Can this robot build an IKEA chair faster than you? In my case, yes it can.

Here’s that TED Talk…

One of my favorite things in this talk for me was the part about throwing the covers off yourself when you wake up and getting out of bed immediately. It sounds silly, but dagnabbit, it sets a great tone and helps me get stuff DONE.

I watched a Netflix documentary on pastry chef Christina Tosi this week, and now I wanna make “Crack Pie.”

My current superhero theme…

AWWW! adorable newborns getting massaged and pampered…

This 28-minute HIIT workout is NO JOKE.


Feeling a little inspired? I hope you do. have a wonderful weekend, babe.

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