Hourglass Ambient lighting edit palette

The hourglass Ambient lighting edit palette ($80)
Geez, it’s September already!? Wow, we better get a move on. It’s time for another bad-@ss holiday palette from Hourglass.

Yup, hourglass has released a new holiday palette in each of the past couple of years, and they’re doing it again. The new one arrives next month — well, technically, there are a whole bunch of complicated release date machinations, but I’ll get into that in the video.


The latest palette is also Strunk & White-approved!

Har-dee-har-har, kidding. På en måde. It’s called Edit. It’s the hourglass Ambient lighting edit Palette, and it’s the biggest one so far (it’s also $80, which isn’t a bad deal at all considering the quality and price level of hourglass products). It has six pans, one of which is a brand new shade called Iridescent Strobe Light.

Hourglass Ambient lighting edit palette ($80)
Three of the six pans are Hourglass’s amazing Ambient lighting Powders (including the one brand new shade). The other three pans house two blushes and a bronzer.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

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All but one of the colors are re-promotes, so if you’ve been hoarding (LOL!) hourglass for a while — hey, nobody can blame you — you probably already have them in your collection.

A closeup of the hourglass Ambient lighting edit palette pans…
The Ambients are gorgeous, though, particularly if you like that “glowy” look, and I mean, who doesn’t?

Interestingly, all six of the powders in the palette are designed to be used together or alone, so if you wanted to, you could plop all of them on your face at the same time.

Some can work well as setting powders, others as highlighting powders, or blush and/or bronzer, so technically, you can use the same palette to set your makeup and add color and warmth to your face.

Hourglass Ambient lighting edit palette next to the hourglass Ambient lighting and Ambient blush Palettes for comparison…
Just as an FYI, the pans in this edit palette are smaller than the pans in previous hourglass lighting Palettes, but I don’t think that’s as bad as it sounds, because you do get a lot of different colors to choose from, and seriously, these powders go a long way. I barely have to use any at all. I’ve used some of the Ambient lighting Powders frequently (multiple times per week) for years, and I’ve barely made a dent in them, so the ones here should last a very long time.

The hourglass Ambient lighting edit palette in my paw for scale…
Hourglass Ambient lighting edit palette swatches in 1) dim Light, 2) Iridescent Strobe Light (new), 3) Diffused Light, 4) mood Exposure, 5) luminous Flush and 6) luminous Bronze Light
I get into more of this stuff in the video, but overall, these hourglass holiday palettes are one of the things I really look forward to seeing when the holidays roll around (or, you know, early fall), and I think this year’s is a good one (although it’s similar to the previous ones because of the re-promotes). maybe you can be your own secret Santa? “To Me, from Me, for being fabulous.”

I’m just throwing that out there as an idea.

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Hourglass Ambient lighting edit palette ($80; limited edition and coming soon)


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