Quick blush Tip: When You apply Blush, Angle Your Head to the Side, instead of Looking straight into the Mirror

try this…
…instead of this
As the world turns…so turns my head! Nu. When I apply blush.

I had a “forehead, meet desk!” moment when this occurred to me, as obvious as it sounds, but up until it did, I was usually looking straight ahead into a mirror when I applied my blush, starting with the brush at the apples of my cheeks and pulling back toward my temples.


For me, this made sense — looking straight ahead into a mirror — because it’s also how I apply my foundation, eye makeup and lip products.

So why wouldn’t it be any different for blush?

Well…when you think about it, how often does someone look at you from directly straight ahead like that? Sometimes, but not always, right? chances are still good that when Nick Jonas sees you from across that crowded room, he’ll be admiring your blush blending skills from many different angles, and not just the front. He’ll be seeing you from the sides, too. (P.S. I expect an invite to your wedding.)

The other day I turned my head to the side as I applied my blush (like in the pic at the top) and, hello! — it kind of blew my mind. My cheekbones were way more obvious, and it was much easier to tell where I wanted to place my blush. I could also see myself drawing my blush back and toward my temples.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

Of course, this also works with bronzer, so if you’re a bronzer babe, first of all, throw your hands up, haaay! because I feel ya, sista. Not a day goes by for me without bronzer. I feel naked without it.

New favorite drink!

When your can of La Croix Sparkling Water matches your mani… (nails are by Sally Hansen miracle Gel in Beatnik)
My #PSL (pumpkin spice latte) obsession is temporarily on hold due to these La Croix Sparkling Waters…

GOOD GRIEF, WOMAN! One week and I’m already addicted to them. They’re muy delicioso, come in a bunch of flavors, and don’t have any calories, sodium or artificial sweeteners. They’re flavored with fruit essence oils, so they aren’t super sweet, but they’re flavorful enough. My favorites so far are the Cherry Lime flavor and the Peach Pear.

Så godt. I’m craving one right now… I gotta chill though, because yesterday I had three of them.

Not one after another, of course (although I can see that happening), but spread throughout the day. In my defense, it was hotter than the Outback in my condo, and these things are so damn good when they’re cold.

I got them at Target, $3.39 for a pack of eight, but I’ve also seen them at whole Foods and Amazon.


I guess I’m not the only one who loves them, because whenever I go to Target, there’s only two or three boxes left on the shelf!

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