Maintaining remove Skin With assist From Caudalie Paris Vinosource moisturizer

Exfoliants have done the most for my skin
I don’t talk about skin care enough, thinking about exactly how much time as well as money I really invest into it. as well as I really get great deals of compliments on my skin too! however before I discovered a regimen that worked, I had a extremely poor situation of cystic acne that would flare up over as well as over again, like clockwork. The exact same areas would break out, heal, then break out again.

Caudalie Paris Vinosource Moisturizers
My present nighttime routine assists keep my skin happy, as well as now my skin is quite much blemish-free…except for at this extremely moment, of course, because the world is a funny place. however typically these days I only requirement to focus on healing the damaged skin (can still look red as well as raw), exfoliating, as well as moisturizing.


My present skincare line-up (L-R) Clinique moderate Clarifying Lotion, Clinique Charcoal Mask, Estee Lauder advanced night Repair, Estee Lauder advanced night repair work Eye Serum
Skin Prep: The Cleanse

The many essential part of my nighttime routine includes eliminating every stitch of makeup before I go to bed. I won’t go as well into detail, however I double cleanse, either utilizing a makeup wipe + cleanser or cleansing water + cleansing oil, as well as I likewise always eliminate my eye makeup individually with a bi-phase product. Sunscreen as well as water resistant eyeliner eliminate simpler with separate, targeted products, however your skin care products won’t do a thing for you if there’s still makeup sitting on your skin throughout the night.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Clinique moderate Clarifying Lotion
These next few products are the exfoliants as well as serums I layer under the moisturizer…

Exfoliants have done the most for my skin. instead of utilizing a physical scrub, I obsess over my Clinique moderate Clarifying lotion ($14). It’s very gentle however likewise very effective, as well as it somehow keeps my skin remove with just a thin layer. If I feel like my skin needs a bit boost, I’ll utilize the Clinique Pore Refining services Clay Mask ($25).


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I’m partial to the Estee Lauder advanced night repair work Serum ($92) as well as advanced night repair work Eye Serums ($65), which I’ve seen my mother use, as well as I always come back to them. I’ve always resided in an “Estee” house, as well as I have no complaints so far!

Helloooo Hydration

Because I layer a few products before my moisturizer, I feel like I can get away with extremely lightweight moisturizers, as well as I’ve been enjoying this new one by Caudalie Vinosource ($39).

There are a few to select from in the line, however the Vinosource Moisturizing Mattifying fluid is ideal for extremely oily-skinned girls. It will certainly be my go-to in summer. The rest of the time I like the Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. It’s a gel-cream formulation (looks as well as feels type of like yogurt) that never feels as well heavy or as well light!

Overall, I have oily-normal skin (except in summer, when it’s oilier), however I will pat the Vinosource wetness healing cream onto the tops of my cheeks, nose, as well as forehead — the areas that tend to get the driest for mig. this is my preferred of the bunch, even though I don’t requirement everything over my face.

My one grievance about these moisturizers is the heavy fragrance. They have an unnatural floral, “herb” odor — like they were trying to odor fragrance-free. It’s a shame, particularly for a skin care line, however it isn’t a offer breaker for me.

Hope you delighted in this bit look into my restroom vanity!


What skin care have you been utilizing lately?

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