Urban Decay heavy Metals metallic Eyeshadow combination for holiday 2017

heavy metals, mama!
Where the heck is the fallout? RET? If you’re an metropolitan Decay fan, you expect a bit after effects — OK, a ton of after effects — when you’re working with their eyeshadows. You just discover to online with it…

At least I have. At least most people I understand who like as well as utilize the brand have in the past. I mean, it’s no huge whoop if you do your eyes very first as well as cleanup later, however wouldn’t it be a nice choice to just, like, be able to do your eyes as well as not have to concern about dealing with large amounts of stray eyeshadow? The $55 metropolitan Decay heavy Metals metallic Eyeshadow Palette, which is part of the brand’s holiday collection as well as homes a bevvy of shimmery metallics, provides you that option.


Purple power
I don’t understand what occurred over at UD, however a few of their recent eyeshadow palettes have exhibited extremely bit fallout, including this one, as well as it’s been awesome. They’ve totally “leveled up” their eyeshadow game.

The eyeshadows in this combination have a totally new formula, as well as it’s special to this palette. (I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if they ultimately added it to the long-term line.)

There are 20 shadows, with brights on one side, neutrals on the other, as well as they’re all totally new colors. new formula. New, new, new, new, new!


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$ 42.

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The right side of the palette
The left side of the palette
The shadows have a foiled effect, meaning that when you pat them on with a finger or brush, they’re super shiny — not glossy, as in a wet way, however shiny like chrome or tinfoil.

Most of the time to get that intensely shiny, foiled impact with shadows you have to apply them wet. This combination removes that step. You can do a dry application, as well as it’s just as shiny as a wet one.

From the top: Bass, Glory, Demo, Starfire, Afterparty, Angel fire, Roadie, Maiden, Scream, Acoustic

Ground, Aluminum, Spandex, Dive, Metalhead, Punk Rock, Mullet, Amp, Twisted, Glamrock
You can likewise apply them wet, of course, as well as they look super cool, however really, I don’t see that much of a difference them whether I do a wet or dry application. Either way, there’s great deals of pigment as well as great deals of shine, as well as they blend like a dream.

There’s just a teeny, small bit of fallout, however whatever, clean that ish up as well as move on with your life. That’s all you’ve gotta do.

Urban Decay heavy Metals
FYI, a few of the chunkier eyeshadows, like Anglefire, for example, have larger pieces of glitter, so you’ll want to swipe those (or, for some reason, I wanna state “whisk” since I have cooking on my brain) rather than pat them on if you truly want to see the metallic finish, since if you pat to apply the chunky ones, you’ll end up with more of the bigger pieces of shine left.

That’s metropolitan Decay CSB (from the Vice Lipstick Palette) on my lips as well as hourglass Radiant Bronze Light on my cheeks.
Patting works fine for the other shadows, though, like Afterparty. They end up super shiny. I’ve got Afterparty (which I love!) on my lids in this look. Afterparty is like a rusty red, which seems scary, however it isn’t at all. It has hints of copper, which I believe make it more wearable.

I’m likewise using Demo mixed with Base on the lower lash line, Glory in the inner corner, as well as Roadie on the outer third of my lid.

Afterparty on my lids, Maiden topped with Glory in the inner corner, Roadie in the outer corner, as well as Bass smudged along the lower lash lines. I’m likewise using some brown shades from the UD Basquiat Gold Griot Eye combination in my crease as well as metropolitan Decay Troublemaker Mascara.
Brace yourself before you open this combination for the very first time since — tra-la-la! — metropolitan Decay altered the packaging. The tray with the shadows as well as mirror slides totally out of the situation now, as well as when you slip it back into the case, you’ll hear a “click” when it locks into place.

Thing is, the locking system isn’t extremely strong… I’ve had the tray slide out as well as autumn on the floor a couple times (nothing broke, say thanks to goodness), so I may put a rubber band around the outside.

Even with the cool packaging, I adore this palette. I believe UD has one more winner. It’s simple as well as fun.


The metropolitan Decay heavy Metals metallic Eyeshadow combination is $55 as well as offered now (you can likewise discover it at Sephora, as well as it’ll be coming to Ulta on October 29th).

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