Club Monaco eye shadow brushes

I briefly mentioned my Club Monaco #02 eye shadow clean in my clean stock post.  I called the brush as one that I would run back into a burning building to rescue.

Club Monaco Beauty was a full variety of makeup sold at Club Monaco (CM) stores in Canada as well as at Sephora in the US. [Fun fact: Club Monaco was a Canadian company until they offered it to Ralph Lauren in 1999] The makeup line included signature products such as the notorious Monica Lewinsky lipstick (Sheer Lipstick in Glaze), Eye Grease (cream eye shadows), as well as Cheek Dew (cream blushes) – all in smooth cleaned silver as well as frosted lucite packaging.  I feel they were ahead of the time since no other makeup lines in the early 2000’s offered products like theirs. From the line, I had an eye shadow palette, a powder foundation, a concealer, a handful of lipsticks as well as lipglosses, as well as even a metal eye lash comb (I desire I had saved the lash comb however it wasn’t extremely good).  I might go on about the history of CM however that’s for one more time!  Today I’m right here to talk about the eye shadow clean #02 which I obtained from the eye shadow palette:

What makes this clean so special is that not only is Club Monaco Beauty no longer available – making this clean somewhat of a collector’s item – the high quality of this clean is outstanding.  I’ve had this clean for at least 10 years and it has retained its shape as well as all its hairs.

The bristles are of natural bristles (in fact, back then, great high quality synthetic brushes were a rarity) with a smooth frosted lucite handle.  The shape is a traditional eye shadow shader, with densely packed hairs as well as a somewhat tapered tip.  The most unique element of the CM clean is the narrow shape – around 1.0cm wide – as well as its firm hairs, making it perfect for packing on powder eye shadow onto the lid.

In recent years, I began looking for brushes with similar shape so I might have a rotation of shader brushes.  The closest I’ve ever discovered were from Bourjois (which then I prompty bought 5 as back-ups) as well as Sephora (Pro little shadow #15) – however neither have as firm hairs as the CM.

I’ve put the MAC 239 shading clean and Shu Uemura natural clean 10 next to them for comparison – both of them are much wider than the CM, however, the Shu clean does have a similar firmness as the CM.

Meanwhile, I still kept an eye out on the internet with makeup switch forums as well as ebay for the actual Club Monaco brush.  Would you believe that a person evening I typed in “Club Monaco brushes” into ebay as well as it turned up a listing for three brand new eye shadow brushes?  And would you believe the listing was $10 for all 3?  (The shipping expense twice that, however that’s typical to Canada)  It was so odd, a lady in the us had these brushes for many years as well as never utilized them as well as lastly decided to offer them.  While the #02 clean was not among the 3 that I received, it was amazing to get my hands on other sizes.  I added #05, #06 as well as #07 to my collection:

My favourite of these is #06 since it is the most similar to my original #02. The #07 clean has different hairs than the others – softer – as well as is my least favourite since it doesn’t pick up eye shadow as well.

I’m SO happy with my finds!  I’m now on the search for Club Monaco deal with brushes!

Do you have any “run back into a burning building” beauty products?

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