Elegant as well as polished makeup for All events With lively Pink Cheeks as well as Lips, as well as Cool-Toned Matte Grays to Contour Lids

10-minute makeup with great toned lids as well as lips
I always say, “I threw this look on,” however I truly did! This took about 10 minutes, not including the few minutes it took to gather my arsenal of supplies, which in this situation was not extremely much. Those are cool-toned grayish-brown lids as well as rosy beige lips, as well as I did it right before going to get Connor from institution the other day. The highlight was showing it off to a couple of my neighbors when we got house as well as practiced Connor’s bike riding as well as did some walkway chalk.

I’m telling you, these days, the highlight of my day is commonly those socially distanced chats with my neighbors. That’s where it’s at!


Anywho, I truly such as this look. I feel so polished in it and, attempt I say, almost cute?!

I like the slight meaning on the lids as well as lashes, the pink blush on my cheeks, the lipstick as well as the somewhat bushy brows, which are defined however not excessively bold.

Here it is in action…


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I’ll definitely wear this again, perhaps even on a date night (if one of those ever occurs again). Ooh! — or on a girl’s night out, or a Saturday at a museum, whenever we can do those things again. I believe you might wear quite much anything with it.

The full breakdown is below, however I believe the eyeshadows are the key. I’m using two matte cool-toned shadows — a light taupe-gray called MAC cozy Grey around my lids. It’s a workhorse from the long-term collection. as well as a darker gray-brown called MAC Brun.

I have hooded eyes, as well as I selected the matte taupe-gray since I wished to contour my lids. The cooler gray together with the matte surface produces the illusion of a shadow, which I believe makes my lids look like they’re more deeply set.

Somebody cut my hair please!
If you’re over 40, or if you have naturally hooded eye, definitely think about adding a matte cool-toned grayish taupe eyeshadow to your collection. I would go with a shade somewhat darker than your skin tone — perhaps one or two shades — since you want to be able to see the shadow as well as get that contoured effect, however you don’t want anything as well dark; otherwise, you’ll be sitting there blending for days!

Here’s a better look at my nails. I’m using Duri permanently Beautiful, an opaque creamy great pale pink.
In my outer corners, I buffed a small touch of matte gray-brown MAC Brun. This shade… SO GOOD. You can likewise wear it in your brows to fill ’em out, or you can smoke it out over a dark chocolate brown or black base, or even utilize it as a simple upper or lower lash liner. It’s a essential I turn to over as well as over again… I’m never without a pan of Brun, it’s that serious!

One last thing I’d like to point out about the eyes, as well as it may seem subtle at first, however if you look carefully at my lash as well as water lines, there’s a hint of shimmer, which I believe truly makes the eyes pop. I’m using a pencil liner called MAC Prunella, which is a shimmery warm dark purplish bronze. I occur to like exactly how it contrasts with the cooler tones on the lids.

Same look, different lighting

Makeup in this look

Base: MAC studio repair Soft Matte foundation Stick in NC42, Estee Lauder Hydraprep 24HR Concealer in medium Deep

Eyes:Urban Decay Brow Blade in Dark Drapes, MAC cozy Grey as well as Brun eyeshadows, MAC Prunella pencil liner, Bite beauty Upswing Mascara, MAC remove Brow Gel

Cheeks as well as lips: Laura Mercier Soleil 1 Bronzer, Laura Mercier increased Blush, honest beauty permanently liquid Lipstick


Din venlige Community Beauty Addict,


S.s. I hope you’re having a excellent day so far!