Nuworld Botanicals Aromatherapy Personals

What a difference one day makes. I made a conscious decision to lay off blogs yesterday – I just couldn’t muster genuine interest after the American election results.  But I suppose the best way to move past the shock is to resume normal activity.

Today I’m showing a few nifty pocket-sized aromatherapy remedies from Nuworld Botanicals called Aromatherapy Personals:

• Jet-Lag Relief Roll-on
• Sinus-Headache Relief Roll-on
• Stress relief Multi-Nutritive Oil for Body, bath and Hair

I didn’t specify what products to try from Nuworld Botanicals so it was prophetic and timely that Natalie Cascella (the founder of Nuworld Botanicals) sent these specific ones to me!

The concept of aromatherapy is a fairly new one for me. I enjoy scents like perfumes and room fragrance, but I didn’t really consider how certain ones could be useful to my overall well-being. These little roll-ons from Nuworld Botanicals was a terrific way to try out aromatherapy for various health concerns.  Here are my experiences with them over the past month.

Jet-Lag Relief

As you know, I recently was on a Mediterranean cruise. the time difference between that area of the world and Toronto is between 6 to 7 hours (we had a time change on the ship, between Croatia and Turkey, even!)  I don’t know what it was, but returning home from this trip really hit me hard. I’ve been to Asia where the time difference is a full 12 hours, and I didn’t feel as jet-lagged as I did this time. For the first night I was fine – mainly due to exhaustion – I fell asleep at 10pm local time and slept through. but the next 3 nights, I kept waking up between 2am and 3am (which would have been 8-9am Mediterranean time) and could not get back to sleep!

I started applying this on day 2 – as instructed, to pulse points, especially at the back of my neck. This smells refreshing – I think due to the ginger in it.  I even brought this roller-on bottle with me to work so I could apply during the day – I did really appreciate the portability of this. My jet-lag did subside by day 5 but I’m unsure if I can attribute it solely to this or if I was naturally acclimating back to local time.

Sinus-Headache Relief

I suffer from seasonal allergies and my sinus acts up whenever fall / autumn rolls around. Lately, I’ve also been waking up with a headache, which is usually caused by changes in the barometric pressure. This type of headache is characterized by a dull pain behind the eyes that lingers all day long. I don’t love the idea of popping pills whenever my head hurts but when I need to be functional at work, it’s normally what I resort to. I tested out the Sinus-Headache relief on my recent headaches and I was quite amazed that upon contact with my skin, I can right away feel a subtle radiating cooling sensation from the oil (due to the peppermint, I presume).  It didn’t right away get rid of my headaches, but it did ease the pain so that I was able to focus on other things. I tested applying this to the various pressure points as indicated – my preferred areas for application were between the brows and at the temples.  These oils did not feel greasy on the skin and the scents were not overwhelming.

Stress Relief

And lastly, the stress Relief. who doesn’t live with some level of stress in their lives? I have been busier than usual lately, and have probably stretched myself a bit thin too.  What, with the American election, we Canadians were getting second-hand stress! (insert super disappointed / sad / mad face here! ) I tested this out for the past couple of weeks, applying this in my hair as both an aromatherapy as well as a treatment for my locks (I really am in need of a haircut!)  The smell of this isn’t my favourite since it’s strong on the patchouli – but, I do think that it had a calming effect.  Whenever I get stressed, I have a tendency to tousle my hair – so by applying this in my hair, I kept getting whiffs of this throughout the day which aided in the effect. I have this in the sample size – the full size is not a roll-on – it’s a multi-purpose oil that can be used in the bath, as a hair or body oil.

Nuworld Botanicals offers a whole host of Aromatherapy Personals to aid with things like immunity, anxiety, appetite and even an aphrodisiac! The roll-ons retail for C$17 for a 9.6ml roll-on bottle, and the Multi-Nutritive Oil is C$25 for a 50ml pump bottle.

• Portable
• Helt naturlig
• A little goes a long way
• Multi-purpose
• Well priced

• Takes longer to work
• Doesn’t work miracles

Stash Worthiness: 8/10

Nuworld Botanical products are available online at, or from

Note: these were sent to me free of charge to try, and I formed my own opinions about them.

I’m still learning about aromatherapy and trying to incorporate them into my everyday life.  I’ll be slathering on the stress relief for months to come… I might also need the anxiety and Meditation oils too. Zen now for Amerika, og verden.

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