I get All the feels From The structure of These new NARS Dual-Intensity Blushes…

The new $45 NARS Dual-Intensity Blushes, offered starting March 4 at NARS Boutiques, Sephora stores as well as online
As Rob Base as well as DJ E-Z rock so eloquently put it, “It takes two to make a thing go right… It takes two to make it out of sight.”

Truer words were never spoken, especially as they relate to the new NARS double intensity Blushes ($45 each).


Yeah, even though I braced myself for it, I still freaked out a bit when I opened one of these compacts for the very first time as well as saw, not one, however two blushes within it with the exact same pattern on the pans as the NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows (which I love, as well as these feel extremely similar).

Hearts may or may not have shot out of from my eyes.

NARS developed these new blushes, which show up March 4 as six $45 duos, to 1) look as well as feel weightless on the skin, as well as 2) to produce two totally different looks. applying them with a dry powder clean paints your cheeks with strong color, while a wet clean seduces your skin with a softer watercolor-like effect, similar to what you’d get from a cheek tint, as well as you can wear the shades individually or mix them together.


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The one called Frenzy fuses a sparkling pinkish gold highlighter with a shimmering bright tangerine…

Dual-Intensity blush in Frenzy
While Fervor partners a shimmering soft pink with a deep, sparkling coppery rose…

Dual-Intensity blush in Fervor
And if you’re craving a trip to the tropics…Craving combines a sparkling seashell pink highlighter with a shimmering beachy bronze.

Dual-Intensity blush in Craving
WARNING: Do not panic when you see Panic…which is the brightest duo of the six. It includes a shocking, shimmering fuchsia as well as a shimmering orangey pink.

Dual-Intensity blush in Panic!
If you’re just ordinary partial to pinks in general, you may adore Adoration, which pairs a soft, sparkling infant pink with a shimmering hot pink.

Dual-Intensity blush in Adoration
Last, however definitely not least, there’s Jubilation, yay! It partners a sparkling hot gold with a soft as well as shimmering nude peach.

Dual intensity blush in Jubilation

I seriously thought about using Fervor on one cheek as well as Panic on the other last weekend when I left the home to run tasks (“Nobody will notice. Right??”)…but I chickened out as well as just went with Panic, although I did apply it in a different way on each cheek, in the name of makeup science.

I lightly dusted it on my left cheek with a dry brush, then dabbed as well as swirled it on my best cheek utilizing a wet NARS Wet/Dry blush clean ($45), which is new as well as likewise coming out with the blushes.

Frenzy dry (left) as well as wet (right)
Panic lasted about seven hours on my skin, which I’d prepped very first with NARS all the time luminous Foundation.

I do believe I choose the dry application to the wet, though, since at the end of the day, the cheek on which I utilized the wet clean looked a tad patchy in places, whereas my other cheek looked fine.

Fervor dry (left) as well as wet (right)
I’m really a bit shocked by exactly how natural these look on the skin. It’s like they’re depositing pigment without leaving behind any type of visible powder, if that makes any type of sense. The shimmer appears extremely pronounced in the swatches, I know, however when you get it on skin, it mellows out to a much more of satin finish.

Jeg kan lide.

Craving dry (left) as well as wet (right)
And they’re likewise incredibly simple to blend. like the Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows, these blushes feel practically creamy. You barely have to relocation a muscle mass to erase any type of edges. You might be the top reigning Queen of blush Noobs on earth as well as still be totally fine with any type of of these colors, even with the brighter ones, like the hot pink in Adoration or the fuchsia in Panic.

Panic dry (left) as well as wet (right)
The closest things I can believe of are the MAC additional dimension Blushes as well as hourglass Ambient illumination Blushes.

Like, if one of the additional dimensions as well as one of the Ambients got a bit brought away one night with the tequila while listening to Babyface sluggish jams…one of these Dual-Intensity Blushes would emerge nine months later with the soft, silky structure of the MAC blushes as well as the fantastically fine, delicate surface of the Ambients.

Adoration dry (left) as well as wet (right)
Jubilation dry (left) as well as wet (right)


I gotta say, I like these a lot, as well as I believe they look friggin’ beautiful on skin, however there is one caveat… If you have extremely dry skin, take the few additional minutes to prep your cheeks with a durable moisturizer as well as a pore-smoothing primer to prevent any type of issues med patchiness senere på dagen.

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